The upper of loafers is divided into leather, leather, suede, suede and other fabrics; the common styles of loafers include wheat ear type, tassel type, and buckle type.
Quality means durability, comfort and simplicity. Perhaps under the instigation of fashion, people will buy those shoes that they regret later, but the inheritance and popularization of "classic" is all due to the pursuit of quality in the heart. In countries where the climate is warm or special etiquette is required, putting on and taking off shoes has become a repeated behavior in daily life. At this time, a pair of quality shoes becomes very important.
The most important factor in "quality" is the selection of materials and production. Cordoba horse hide (shell cordovan) is recognized as a rare raw material for shoe leather. In the U.S. and the U.K., there is one brand of handcrafted classic loafers from this leather, Alden and Browns. "Real Cordova leather is extremely durable," said Robert Clark, Alden's vice president of sales. , and has a deep, rich luster that improves over time, and it can adapt to different wearers' feet at the same time, giving it a long-lasting quality." And Browns brand menswear buyer Ivan Donovan said, "Korea Shoes made from Cordoba leather are bought by people who really know themselves and look for them.”
Fashion encourages women to pay attention to the appearance and quantity of shoes, but makes men pay more attention to the connotation of shoes. It seems that I have never heard of a man who has more shoes than a woman. Therefore, if smelling incense can identify women, then looking at shoes may identify men.

Wearing loafers can create a modern style for urban men, who are fun-loving, naturally fashionable, and like easy and casual enjoyment. The shoes can be worn from Easter until October without socks, a trait that Eddie Prendergast, founder and chairman of British brand The Duffer of St. George, calls "casual, Ivy League school". style". More importantly, "this men's shoe is simple but everything is just right", this is the comment of Alexandra Finlay, the head of the emerging men's shoe brand Fin's. Her requirements for shoes are "not too pointy, too square, or too long." The designer wants her brand's shoes under £200 so customers can buy several pairs of her loafers and wear them like slippers.
American fashion designer Mark McNairy's loafers for Bass Weejuns are decorated and crafted with fringe, white suede or alligator leather for a more elegant style. British companies Oliver Sweeney and Harrys of London were inspired to incorporate this design element into their wares. From Harrys creative director Kevin Martel's point of view, "This is not an American style, but a European style, a relaxed and cheerful blue coast style." Whether it is an American style or a European style, loafers represent The crowd may be Loft men living in the emerging art district of East London, or urban men who advocate low-key and gorgeous.

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